Old Street Blues

Operating as a duo, trio or quartet, Old Street Blues play fresh arrangements of classic standards, contemporary rhythm & blues hits and original material. The ever expanding repertoire covers pioneers like Elmore James & Eric Clapton all the way up to Adele & Mark Ronson and is guaranteed to get toes tapping and hips swinging. 

The band was founded at a blues jam in London, UK. Guitarist Jim McGrother was playing at the White Horse in Hoxton, and a tipsy bandleader called Jake Brookman stumbled on stage. 

Unfortunately, the band didn’t know either of Jake’s choices – in fact they didn’t do any Notorious BIG at all - so the band played Stevie Wonder’s I Wish

Afterwards, Jake grabbed Jim for a beer and suggested outright that they form a band. Jim said he couldn’t commit, and Jake decided that he didn’t have to – this new ensemble would be a collective with musicians tagging in and out according to availability.